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Before you purchase a ship, we can help our clients to evaluate the IT hardware equipment and value of the existing system, the cost of upgrading the system, work out a best solution for our clients.


Onshore and offshore system design, develop and implementing. From the Satellite communication to onboard WiFi coverage, from property management system to data analytics.


With the strong knowledge of cruising and shipping from our team who has many years of experience, give our clients a hassle-free one top services during the ship management and operation.

thermal screening system

The system is able to detect the temperature of person who walk through. An alert will be triggered once the system detect the high fever. All the temperature history will be recorded for future reference. Easy setup and implementing. Open API allow the linkage with other third party system, like attendance system for a company or medical system for the cruise ship.

Related product and solution for cruise lines

IT experts of cruising

With the team of more than 10 years of experience with cruising and shipping, we provide a hassle-free, one stop service for ship owner and ship management company. From evaluating the ship IT equipment and system before they purchase the vessel, to design and implement the system when ship hand-over, to the maintenance after the system go live in the daily operation.

VONE Technology Cruise Ship IT solution

system integration

Onshore and offshore system integration. Data synchronization via satellite communication. Data warehouse and data analytics. With multiple systems from different vendors to be installed in one power server with one control centre to simplify the ship system management and maintenance, cut the cost for the ship owner and operator, in the meantime, increase the productivity.

vsat communication

VSAT link is very important for the ship sail at sea. VONE Tech provide different type of VSAT. C/KU/KA and other bands. We help our customers to get online via the Satellite data service with big bandwidth in a competitive low cost. In other hand, we provide Satellite telephone service to help small shipping operators have good quality voice communication within their limited budget.

ship tracking system

AIS tracking solution is great for those ship which close to land and port terminal. But when the ship is sailing at open sea, the AIS system could not help. With our tracking system, your shore office is able to locate your vessel instantly, in the meantime, you able to track the ship engine performance, fuel level and water consumption, etc.

Anti-pirate alert system

Every year there are many pirate hijack the ship at certain area, even those famous and busy water. How can we get alerted before the pirate's speedboat approaching? With the support from anti-pirate alert system, your crew will be warned when pirate's boat approaching, flashing from the security system screen, sounds from the security system speaker and even send out the help message via VSAT system automatically.

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About us

VONE China, the Information Technology leader of China Cruising and Shipping industry. With the experienced team and strong technology knowledge, the company expanded their office to Hongkong, Macau, and recently just established VONE Technology in Singapore, which able to provide cruising and shipping solution to Asia Pacific customers. Singapore office will be the bridge between China and the rest of the world, not only help China cruising market to grow up with the world’s first class management team and knowledge, but also provide the excellent service to the world with¬† good resource from China.¬† Asia will be the next biggest cruise market in next decades, VONE Technology aim to be the leader of Asia Pacific cruising and shipping technology and solution provider.

Vision: To be a company that fulfills the ship operator’s needs

Mission: One stop service, provide our customer the most efficient and comprehensive solution in a simple way.

Value: To give our customer the best experience of our service, with our professional work-team and state-of-the-art technology. Focus on the customer’s needs, trust our team, deliver the best solution and services.


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