Thermal Imaging System With the outbreak of the coronavirus all of the world early 2020, some countries has closed their air and land borders. Airline reduced their flight schedules, cruise lines have to change their itinerary or cancel the future cruise after few cruise ships’ passengers and crews being infected by the virus, now the whole travel industry is affected. How to check and find those passenger and crew who has abnormal temperature in a fast way with high accuracy became to the ship operator’s high priority in their plan. Thermal imaging system is ready-to-go solution can be fast implemented, easy maintenance and low cost. Open API interface is ready for other SPMS, temperature data can be transmited to onshore office and remote medical system, if the first option for cruise ship, cargo vessels. more details…

Ship Property Management System (SPMS)

Ship property management system is the core system for a cruise ship, not only to manage all the ship properties, like cabin room, embarkation and shore leave security, but also all the onboard transaction will be handled by the system with module extension of Point-of-Sales system. All the passenger and crew data will be hold by this core database. Safety module and security module to ensure the ship operations. With the data sync visa Satellite link, the shore office and offshore database can be synced automatically and keep information to be updated in no time.

Satellite communication

We provider our customer a most cost-effective satellite communication packages, low cost of the C/KU/KA antenna and most competitive price of the air-time. The satellite beam covers Asia pacific. Feel free contact us for the detailed air time price package and hardware equipment.

Yacht Satellite data communication

CCTV Surveillance Security system

24 hours non stop surveillance camera recording system is very important for the ship operation. Due to the special environment onboard the ship, the design of the security system are different from the land office. Redundant and backup is a must for each fire-zone. The network wiring should be go through different fire-zone and the recording data should be stored and at least a backup at different fire-zone. Two opposite camera installation is recommended for most of the case.

Ship Tracking & Monitoring system

AIS provide the positioning information when the ship close to land, but if the ship sails at open sea, how the office management team locate their ship, monitor their ship engine performance, fuel usage and other conditions of the ship. With our ship tracking & monitoring system, every information will be transmitted back from the ship via VSAT communication or Inmarsat link.

Information Publishing & Self-service kiosk

For a cruise ship with thousands passengers onboard, there are a lot of pressure for the reception staff, not only with lots of questions that passenger come onboard for the first time, but also check-in and check-out, bill settlement, room service, table reservation. With this Self-service kiosk system, all the information the passenger needed will easily be searched and answered. The system also link to payment gateway so the passenger is no need to queue at reception for the bill settlement, purchase internet surfing package & theatre ticket, reserve dining table, etc.
Satellite TV & VOD

Beside of the ship onboard entertainment like theatre, show, casino, the passenger and crew may spend lots of time with TV when they stay in the cabin. We have comprehensive solution for the ship Satellite TV, from free channel to those commercial channel you want to subscribe, from the TV antenna to the decoder. Also with the IP-TV technology, video on demand system will be one of the onboard revenue generator for the cruise ship operation.
Cruise Terminal Check-in system

With this system, the passenger is able to check-in themselves with the self-service kiosk machine, just simply scan their passport, the system will automatically check the correction of their bio-data, send the check-in information to the ship database, print out the luggage tag, even issue the boarding card/slip for the embarkation. Reduce the man power requirement for the ship operator and terminal management, increase the efficient of the check-in processing, in the mean time, the passenger get better experience just at this touch point of their cruising.