Thermal Screening system

  • Thermal screening mobile VPAD A01T
  • Thermal screening tablet VPAD L01T
  • Artificial intelligence server AI server
  • Thermal camera V01A / V01B
  • All the device work with VCOS core system
  • Work for 24×7 without attendance
  • Non contact, reduce the cross infection
  • History data tracking and close contact tracing
  • Face recognition with AI technology
  • From individual to crowd temperature measurement
  • History record tracking and close contact tracing
  • Standard API link to third party system

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Satellite communication & antenna

When the ship at open sea, Satellite communication is very important to make sure the voice/data link is active and reliable. Beside the Inmarsat service provider, we work with big satellite company and antenna manufacturer to provide those small and medium ship operators with most reliable and low cost data transmit solutions and one stop services.

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Passenger card printer

For a cruise ship, print out several thousands passenger boarding card in a very short time is critical. Before the ship arrive terminal and the ship staff must get all next cruise passenger boarding card ready for the shore check-in counter. To max the room occupancy usually the ticketing system is available for booking till very last minute. A strong and reliable ID printing system is required for cruise ship operator. But in other hands, we also provide small printers which is let the reception counter staff able to print out replace card if there is card damage or lost. 

  • Evolis Quantum series
  • Zebra ID printer series
  • NBStech imageMaster series

Passport reader

Passport scanner and passport reader plays very important role in the cruise operation. Once the ship system received the passenger booking data from the ticketing system, there is no way to know all the passenger details are correct, the spelling of the name, passport details, etc. With the passport scanner and passport reader, help the embarkation crew to check the passengers bio-details are correct in very efficient way.