VONE Technology is the Asia representative of Tritan Software


    Main Features:
  • System: Android 7.1 and later
  • Screen: 5inch touch screen (1270 x 720 px).
  • Barcode Scanner, QRcode scanner, RFID reader
  • Thermal camera (foreheard temperature measurement)
  • SIM card, PASM card and microSD card slot
  • WiFi / Bluetooth / GPRS / USB
  • Temperature measure accuracy:±0.3°C
  • Response time <1s
  • Non contact, reduce cross infection
  • Mobile App specially designed for Seacare’s user
Servicing over 97% of Cruise Lines
Operational with 30+ Brands & 20+ Ship Classes
100% Adoption Rate
130+ Million Data Records Processed
80+ Integrations with 3rd Party Systems
120+ Successful Releases
Partner with 750+ Ports
Proprietary SeaSync® Satellite-Hybrid Model
24/7/365 Global Support
Fully Serviced & Managed Platforms
Professional Services Bundle
Compliant & Secure Data-Exchange
EU-GDPR Compliant
EU-US Privacy Shield Certified
US-HIPAA Compliant
A complete enterprise software solution for global medical operations within the maritime industry, allowing organizations to manage and analyze data across:
➢ Onboard Medical Operations
➢ Public Health Management
➢ Case Management
➢ Health & Wellness Tracking
➢ 3rd Party Medical Providers
➢ Cost & Financial Reporting
➢ Inventory & Onboard Devices
➢ Data Analysis & Dashboards

SeaCare® mobile


An enterprise software platform that allows maritime rganizations to effectively report, manage, and analyze incidents across global fleet operations for the areas of:
➢ Marine Safety
➢ Technical
➢ Environmental
➢ Accidents & Injuries
➢ Security
➢ Public Health
➢ Audits
➢ Inspections


An enterprise software platform that allows maritime organizations to produce, revise, track, and analyze documents across global fleet operations for:
➢ Operating Policies
➢ Procedures
➢ Manuals
➢ Work Permits
➢ Certificates
➢ Compliance
Tritan is the industry’s #1 provider of Health Information and Incident Management software platforms. Our extensive experience and specialized product suite provide us with an unmatched capability to address the unique needs of the industry. Our focus on technology innovation and 24/7 proactive service have contributed to our global success. Tritan currently supports approximately 90% of existing cruise lines with a rapidly growing presence in the Commercial Shipping, Energy and Mining industries. Tritan Software is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Miami, Fl.

VONE Technology is pleased to make announcement of this new partnership, become the representative of Tritan Software in Asia Market. VONE Technology’s team is consisted of many experts who has rich experience of cruising and shipping. We believe this is a big opportunity for both of us to grow our business, bring more benefit and value to our existing or potential clients by take care of the crew member’s healthy with a powerful system and solid network.