Welcome to VONE TSS Pre-installation Survey

Company Name:
Contact Person:
Email Address:
Ship Name & IMO & Capacity:Please provide the ship name, IMO number, and passenger & crew capacity.
Project timelinePlease indicate the schedule of the project go live.
Temperature Measurement
Server EnvironmentPlease indicate the server environment, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux and the version.
Passenger Boarding Pass & Crew Cardplease provide the passenger boarding pass and crew card details. (M1, Ultralight-C, data store sector and format)
Does the card have barcode or QRcodeplease indicate that if bar-code or qr-code will be printed on the passenger boarding pass or crew card.
SPMSShip Property Management System
Network between TSS and EquipmentWe only support wired network RJ45, and Wireless Network with openssl1.0.2a )
SMTP for the email notificationWhen the system received a temperature that higher than a certain number, an email notification will be sent out. please provide SMTP details if applicable.
HTTPs requirement for the TSS web portalYes or No, if the answer is Yes, please provide more information about the HTTPs certificate technical details.
Other information that may required for the TSS installation.Any other information that may helpful for the TSS installation, please input here.
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