Ferry and RoRo Operation Management

In both ferry and RoRo operations, safety regulations, compliance with maritime standards, and adherence to environmental considerations are paramount. Effective management also involves adapting to weather conditions, optimizing routes, and employing technology for tracking and communication to enhance overall operational efficiency.

What is Ferry operation?

Ferry operations typically involve the transportation of passengers, vehicles, and goods across bodies of water. The management of ferry operations encompasses scheduling, ticketing, vessel maintenance, safety protocols, and customer service. Efficient loading and unloading procedures are crucial to minimize turnaround times, ensuring a smooth and timely travel experience.

What is RoRo operation?

Roll-on/Roll-off operations involve vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, and trailers, allowing them to be driven on and off the ship. RoRo operation management focuses on optimizing the logistics of vehicle handling, port facilities, and scheduling. This includes coordinating with shippers, ensuring proper securing of cargo, and maintaining vessel and terminal infrastructure to facilitate the seamless movement of vehicles.

Reliable and Trustable Cloud service partner

We have established a robust collaboration with a trustworthy cloud service provider, leveraging their cutting-edge infrastructure to enhance our operations. With this partnership, we benefit from secure, scalable, and efficient cloud solutions. Our data is seamlessly stored and accessible, allowing for agile adaptability to evolving demands. This strategic alliance ensures a resilient and high-performance digital environment, contributing to the overall reliability and effectiveness of our systems.

Online booking system and ticket sales.

The Ferry Ticketing System streamlines online bookings for passengers and cargo. It includes user-friendly interfaces for travelers and dedicated portals for travel agents and partners. For vehicle owners and truck operators, the system caters to specific needs, while also facilitating onboard service sales for passengers. The goal is to provide a seamless, efficient, and convenient experience for all stakeholders in ferry operations.

Embarkation, Disembarkation, POS and Luggage Service

The Embarkation and Disembarkation System ensures smooth boarding and alighting processes for ferry passengers. Onboard Point-of-Sales facilitates in-journey purchases, while Cabin Management enhances accommodation experiences. Luggage Management streamlines baggage handling, collectively contributing to an efficient and customer-friendly ferry operation.

Central Dashboard, ship management and staff service

The Core System for ferry operations encompasses Ship Certificate Management, ensuring compliance and safety. Crew Staff Management and Roster features facilitate efficient personnel coordination. Itinerary Planning optimizes routes, and Port Service Management streamlines operations at each destination. This integrated system ensures a robust foundation for safe, well-maintained vessels, organized crew management, and effective itinerary execution for a seamless ferry service.

Customizable Reporting System

This comprehensive system boasts a robust report-generating feature, capable of producing diverse reports tailored to specific needs. From financial summaries to operational performance metrics, the system provides a versatile and powerful reporting tool, empowering stakeholders with valuable insights for informed decision-making and operational efficiency.