Temperature Screening for passengers and crew

All cruise operators need to ensure health and safety if and when they resume the operation in or after the covid19 pandemic. They need effective and easy operation solutions, as temperature checks are still an essential way to quickly identify who may be sick or need medical care.

Temperature screening options, including forehead scanners, thermal meters, or thermal cameras, some of the devices and equipment need medical professionals to operate, some of them will operate automatically without a medical team. For the cruise operation, with thousands of passengers and hundreds of crews, one by one to check their body temperature every day with a medical staff, which seems not operational cost-wise and barely can be done.

VONE Technology developed two different solutions for passengers and crew, for the different requirements and purposes.

For the passengers, a solution with no medical staff is required, automatically operating without stopping the passenger’s moving and only when abnormal temperatures were detected by the thermal camera. We set up the thermal cameras at different areas like gangways, corridors, lobby, or the entrance of restaurants and theatres, when the passenger’s walkthrough, the camera will detect the passenger’s body temperature without their identification, to protect their privacy. But only when there is an abnormal temperature was detected, the system will trigger an alert to the medical team for further investigation according to the ship operation SOP.

For the crew, a mandatory temperature checking twice within 24 hours, the first temperature checking when they start their shift, the second temperature checking at the time when they off their duty. The crew must scan their crew ID card and screen their forehead temperature by standing in front of the temperature scanning kiosk, all the data will be recorded and sent back to SPMS or the Medical system.

With VONE TSS (Thermal Screening System) we build the first line of protection, effectively and quickly isolate those who may be sick with abnormal body temperature, the solution is not designed only for Covid19 pandemic, but for future operation, it is still a good system to have to protect our passengers and crews to reduce the risk of cross-infection, minimize the spread of any virus.