The outbreak of the 2019 coronavirus was confirmed to have been present in some cruise passengers who travelled on several cruise ships. Also there were few crews who work for cargo ship has been reported to be infected by this virus. Some of the cruise ship was not allowed to disembark their passengers, lots of the cruise ship has to cancel their future itinerary because of the cancellation from passenger and Gov’s order. The demand of the cargo shipping also affected due to the production line was suspended. 

Important – Temperature check up – How?

Each cruise ship may have thousands of crew member and up to five thousands passengers. It is almost impossible to check up the temperature for all the people onboard every day.  Especially at the cruise terminal for the embarkation and disembarkation.

How can we resolve this issue?
Disadvantages of normal temperature check up

  • One by one passenger temperature check up at cruise terminal is almost impossible to finish within the embarkation time windows.
  • High risk for the crew and passenger in the queue line
  • low accuracy with the manually temperature checkup and recording
  • No automatically link to the passenger database

Thermal scanning system (Thermal imaging system)

  • With the thermal imaging camera to scan the temperature for the crew and passenger without stop them at the check point
  • Effectively identify passengers with fever from crowd.
  • System will trigger alert signal once need operational staff to take an action.
  • Data will be recorded and saved to passenger database and link to their account for Medical reference if needed.


Key Features

  • Automatically scan the temperature for all the people passing by without stop them
  • Alerting system will be triggered once abnormal temperature detected
  • With the face recognition the data can be linked to passenger account, or crew account.
  • Accuracy of taking the temperature (±0.3°C)
  • Easy deployment and installation.

Thermal imaging System structure

Application Scenario

  • Entrance of the cruise terminal
  • Cruise ship gangway security check poing
  • Restaurant and theatre entrance
  • Every deck the lift and staircase corridor
  • Crew area to report the temperature twice a day