Thermal screening system for cruise ship

At home before start your journey

  • Prepare al the documents that required by the Government and ship, and be aware of the request from destination authorities.


  • Submit the medical certificate from your doctor if that is required
  • keep monitoring your temperature and record the number
  • Submit the travel history if that is required from the web portal
  • upload pre-cruise information like your personal details and photos
  • Read the rules and regualtion from the cruise line carefully
  • Submit all the necessary documents from TSS web portal (option)

At cruise terminal

  • with the self-service kiosk encourage the passenger self-check-in
  • build in the passport scanner to read the passport information
  • when the passenger confirm their details, the camera will take photo
  • the machine build in with thermal camera, so when the passenger stand in front of the machine, take temperature
  • If the passenger has uploaded their photo before they come to terminal, they are able to use the Thermal tablet for fast-check-in with Face Recognition features.
  • The crew use the thermal mobile to help passenger for the check in by scan their ticket (Barcode/QRcode), and take the forehead temperature with one device.

Onboard the cruise

  • The self service kiosk being deployed at passenger deck, not only able to help passenger settle their payment, print out their bills, but also can be used for passengers to check their temerature.
  • Thermal camera is able to scan the passenger’s temperature without stop them, can be deployed at corridor or gangway.
  • Thermal tablet with build in Barcode/Qrcode scanner and RFID reader, Face Recognition technology, can be deployed at the entrance of restaurant, theatre, to check the passenger’s temperature before they enter.
  • Thermal tablet also can be deployed at crew deck for the crew to check their temperature twice a day, when they come to work and before they back to their cabin after their duty.
  • The thermal mobile can be used for the spot check, scan their boarding pass with barcode or RFID card, take the temperature.
  • Passenger disembarkation

  • Deploy the thermal camera at the corridor to scan the passenger’s temperature when they leaving
  • Deploy the thermal camera at the gangway when passenger walk by in front of the camera
  • Deploy the thermal mobile at the gangway, to check the visitor’s temperature with scan their visitor pass as identification.
  • VONE Thermal Screening System

    • Central database and management
    • Connect to multiple thermal device and terminal
    • Connect to different type of the thermal devices
    • Historical data tracking and close contact tracing
    • System available from trip preparation, passenger come to cruise terminal, when they onboard the ship till they leave the ship
    • Support multiple identification, Face Recognition, Barcode card, QRcode card and RFID card.
    • Customization is available.
    • Local data storage, all the data kept onboard server instead of uploaded to cloud.

    Standard API is ready

    VONE TSS is ready for the API connection with third party system, like PMS or medical system for the cruise ship.

    Customization is available

    We understand that customization is required because of the different country has different orders and regulations about how to protect the Personal Healthy Information and Personal Identification Information, and how the system to store the data or just transfer the data to PMS without save the data in our system, all the options are available for discussion.

    New Healthy Protocol 2020 for Cruise Industry