Onsite Survey & Evaluation

We provide our customers with a professional and comprehensive range of onsite survey and evaluation service before they purchase a cruise ship or cargo ship, Our experts with many years of shipping experience enable us to work with you every step of the way, from the feasibility studies and concept design to the whole ship existng system evaluation and the proposal of new system integration.

onboard system integration & implementation

We provide one stop service to our customers. From the Satellite communication to the onboard WiFi/wiring network infrastructure, from the data security to customer relationship management, from the embarkation to disembarkation system, with our professional team, we help our customers to integrate those different vendor’s system into a robust and powerful system with user friendly interface.
System maintenance for daily operation

System maintenance is very important to make sure the ship operating smoothly. With the monitoring the system performance, analyze the system operating log files, we manage to resolve the small issue from the beggining before it become to a big trouble. With our experienced team, we provide our customers a hassle-free support since the day one of their operation. From the remote support via satellite communcation to onboard support if there is a need, monthly regular check-up to yearly maintenance to make sure our customer able to focus their operation without any system problem.