VONE - Vessel Monitoring System

VONE VMS is a reliable and cost effective vessel monitoring system. The major clients are ship owner, ship operator, ship management company and ship charterer. Any type of the ship can be installed with our system, include passenger cruise ship, container and cargo ship, ferry even the river vessel and small fishing ship. The shore office is able to locating their vessel in real time via the VSAT communication or Inmarsat network. The data we captured not only the GPS of the vessel, but also the other information that the management team want to capture, like the speed of the ship, the fuel consumption, the engine and generator running status. The system has open APIs to connect to other sensor to capture the data and send back to office.

With the support of the communication technology, to effectively lower the cost of the data transfer, our system is able to transmit the data through the VSAT, Inmarsat or 3G/4G if it is applicable. The admin user is able to setup the frequency of the data transmission, for example, per 5 minutes, or per 30 minutes. The data is encrypted end to end and compressed to reduce its size. The user is able to change the settings any time depends on the situation required, like bad weather or certain dangerous water.