New Help Desk system is online

A support portal is a web-based customer service tool that customers can use to get help quickly, the portal enables customers to find information, request a support ticket, and resolve their problems online with peace of mind and autonomously.

A support portal is critical to customer service in a day and age, the knowledgebase feature that enables customers to search the answer and resolve their problem immediately if we have the solution ready for them. Without wait till get the response from our support staff, rather than routing every single technical issues to an support agent. In this way, support portal can boost not just company-customer relationships, but the customer community in general. That will highly efficient forms of customer support and tend to have a positive overall impact on customer satisfaction and brand perception.

The online support portal that gives customers complete visibility into their interactions with our support agent, you can track key metrics, support requests and tickets, or other information such as reference documents and easily be shared knowledgebase, it provides a transparent, secure and open forum for collaboration.

The key features are

  • Creating and tracking support tickets
  • Distributing policies and documents
  • Managing product issues and tracking problem histories
  • Features and functions improvement
  • Feedback and FAQs

If you are existing customers of VONE Technology, go immediately register as a member so you can post your request with open a ticket.

If you are not yet our clients, talk to us and see how we can serve you in this fast-moving and expanding cruise industry, especially at this moment in the post-pandemic world.