VCOS TSS structure

After the outbreak of the covid19, measure the human body temperature is one of the effective way to find those who may affected by the virus because one of the symptoms is high fever. this is not the way to stop the spread of virus, but at least in someway to slow down the speed of virus spread and reduce the risk of cross infection.

Since Mar 2020, VONE started to develop the TSS system for cruise line, we deeply understand the operation of cruise ship and our engineer has rich experience of cruising. from the version one with mobile device for the temperature measurement, to the version two has the self-temperature-measurement kiosk, support cruise boarding pass and crew ID, compatible with Fidelio, Resco, work with Tritan for the Seacare system API integration. Now we have version three that come with close contact tracing and occupancy status monitoring functions, to support the cruise operators to re-sail as soon as possible with the help from these state of the art technology.