Nanhai Cruise, the first cruise ship to resume operation in China.

Nanhai Cruise, the first cruise ship to resume operation in China.

Cruise ship “NanHai Zhimeng”, owned by a company named Nanhai Cruise, will resume its operation from 9th Dec, provide 4 day 3 night cruise from Sanya to Xisha Islands in the South China Sea. The ship was launched in 2016, with a maximum capacity of 893 people. 

The ship will be allowed a maximum capacity of 50 percent of the usual capacity for the first two weeks, after that the authority will review the cruise operation safety protocol and outcome, increase the capacity to 70% if there is no outbreak of the virus. 

According to the new requirements, the cruise ship must conduct enhanced sanitation practices, with an upgraded heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, ensure 100% fresh air ventilation throughout the cabin and public area of the ship.  In its new healthy measure, the passenger must keep social distancing, maintain higher hygiene habits, new cabin room arrangement to keep an empty room between two occupied cabin, and more, keep the passengers and crew safe aboard the ship. 

This is the first cruise ship to get approval from the Government for the resumption of operation, with other cruise ships whose homeport in China still not clear about the re-sail, it is kickstarting cruise operation in China, but we believe the other cruise line will resume the operation soon and most probably will offer  “cruise nowhere” itinerary without visiting the ports out of China. 

Another cruise ship will resume the operation one day later, ChangLe Princess, max capacity 537 people, owned by Nanhai Strait Shipping Co., Ltd, offer the similar itinerary from Sanya to Xisha Islands. 

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