Onboard crowd monitoring and controlling – live status

How to ensure a safe distance between passengers onboard a cruise ship at a public place, like restaurants, bars, and theatre. VONE TSS system will help you to monitor the total passengers at a place with a dashboard showing the live status at the entrance. With this extended feature, the management team is able to control the crowd and lead the passenger to other places.

As an extended feature to VONE TSS system, we are still working on it and most of the case, we need customize it to fit with the cruise daily operation, how many restaurants, bars and theatre they have, how are the team to control the crowd and what is the maximum capacity for each public place, is there only one way in and another way out, or has multiple entry/exit. Does the passenger required to scan their boarding pass and temperature before the enter those places, how about when the leave the place?

There is not one system to fit all the ship operations, but we are able to develop some unique features and customize our system according to the special requirement from each cruise ship operations.