Resco & VONE renewed cooperative agreement & setup R&D center

On Jan.12, 2021, Rescompany Systems LTD (Resco) renewed their long-standing and exclusive cooperation agreement with VONE Technology Co. Ltd, a member of the China Communications Association Cruise and Yacht (CCYIA).

Both parties will continue to work together to provide customized Information and Technology services to the cruise industry and plan to build a dedicated R&D centre in China.

VONE and Resco’s partnership has grown over the last three years and will continue to expand into new areas. Both parties are committed to bringing more advanced software and IT solutions to the cruise industry in China. Together we will also deliver a localized R&D, provide a bespoke solution and enhancement service for the needs of the Chinese market. To date, this has been well received by our Chinese customers as well as recognised within the cruise industry.

Following the merger of Schulte Group and Resco, as well as the opening of a joint R&D centre in China, there are additional resources available to deliver more in-depth and extensive solutions to the global maritime industry. This can only benefit the market and has seen new customers decide to go with the unique service provided by both VONE and Resco.

As a local cruise IT service company in China, VONE has closely followed the rapid pace in the cruise industry and kept up to date with local developments. VONE has been recognized by the industry and various partners in China. Together Vone and Resco are looking forward to providing more advanced and comprehensive services to China’s growing cruise industry.